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Since 1969, we have been designing and manufacturing a unique line of High Frequency, High Voltage Surge Testers that have outputs up to 60,000 volts! Our Surge Testers are the most sensitive testers manufactured to date in detecting defective turn-to-turn insulation of coils in all motors, generators, transformers and all types of windings.

Identified as the world leader in High Voltage Surge Testers, the name and reputation of PJ Electronics are conveyed by word of mouth throughout the motor industry. The PJ Surge Tester is used WORLDWIDE in 59 Countries.

PJ Testers are precisely engineered and hand crafted...
with quality commensurate to that of a Rolls Royce and
with performance commensurate to that of a Lamborghini.

  • We are the only manufacturer that employs High Frequency Technology. High frequency technology is accomplished by use of a bi-directional switch which no one in the industry has! (All competitor testers used in the market today use a uni-directional switch as the primary discharge device. This method of discharge is classified as an impulse and the tester in which this switch is employed is called an Impulse Tester, not a Surge Tester).
  • PJ Electronics is the only manufacturer with an entire line of surge testers that exhibit a voltage rise time that meets the IEEE Standard 522-1992/2004, IEC 34-15  i.e., 0.1 micro-seconds.
  • All of our Surge Testers resonate / pulse the load coils at 60 pulses per second. Typical Impulse Testers pulse their load coils around 5 pulses per second at a much slower rise time.
  • PJ Electronics is the only manufacturer that can accurately generate voltage to any type of load and give 100% accuracy in the verification of our voltage and voltage rise time.  Factory voltage calibration on all PJ Surge testers is traceable to NIST (National Institute Standards and Technology). Our customers can actually verify the output voltage, as displayed on the panel meter, for themselves at any time. This is accomplished by using an optional calibrated High Voltage Probe in conjunction with our Digital Oscilloscopes that we supply with every one of our testers. This test procedure can be seen by the illustration shown below:

  • ALL PJ Surge Testers come equipped with a standard feature to test grounded or ungrounded Fully Assembled Motors without rotating the rotor.

Whether your application for a Surge Tester relates to Manufacturing, Re-building, Quality Control, Preventive, Predictive Maintenance or Laboratory R&D, a PJ High Frequency Surge Tester will improve your product reliability by uncovering:

flash weak/defective coils,
flash connection errors,
flash wrong turn count in a coil winding, phase unbalances,
flash opens, grounds, shorts, ground faults, etc...

A partial list of items that should be tested with our PJ Surge Tester is listed below:

Low Impedance Coils Field Coils
High Impedance Coils Chokes/Reactor Coils
AC / DC Generators Transformer Coils
Solenoid Coils DC Armatures
Electro-Magnetic Coils Stators
Multi-Phase Stators Random Wound Coils
Formed Coils All Types of Motors

PJ Electronics offers more models from which to choose! There is NO reason to pay for features that you do not need.

For over 54 years, we have dedicated our
Engineering and Research & Development to produce a High Frequency Surge Tester that is unparalleled for testing the integrity of insulation in all electric motors, generators, transformers, and all types of windings.

If you continue reading our web site, you will learn why we are the superior Surge Tester Manufacturer in the Industry.

In the United States, see our ad in Electrical Apparatus Magazine.

Outside the U.S., see our ad in the Coil Winding International & Electrical Insulation Magazine published in the United Kingdom and distributed to over 130 countries.

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